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Taxi and Hire Car Drivers can help prevent the emotional, physical and sexual abuse in human trafficking.

STOP THE TRAFFIK and the Salvation Army are distributing fliers to raise awareness and asking taxi drivers to join us in ending human trafficking in Australia.

Human trafficking is a terrible crime where vulnerable people are exploited and abused physically, sexually and emotionally and taken advantage of through forced labour, domestic servitude, sexual exploitation, street crime, forced marriages and other types of abuse. Criminals may use taxis to move their victims around. This crime is happening right now in Australia.

Signs to look for

Taxi and hire car drivers can be the eyes and ears of the community. If you know what the signs are, and who to report it to, you can be a major force for good in tackling this crime. One sign on its own doesn’t mean someone has been trafficked, but several signs together should give you cause for concern.

  • distrustful, fearful, anxious or traumatised
  • to be controlled, threatened or spoken for by someone else
  • to have injuries such as cuts, bruises, or cigarette burns
  • to be travelling to or from overcrowded properties
  • to be confined or isolated in the workplace or only leaves at odd times
  • unaware of the address of where they live or work
  • to have little interaction with family or the wider community
  • other signs associated with being physcially, sexually and emotionally abused
  • to speak very little English