February 4, 2021

OHLAs or On-Hire Labour Agreements

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Why understanding an on hire labour agreement Australia is important

An OHLA (on-hire labour agreement) is an agreement between the Australian government and a recruitment company which allows the recruitment of temporary skilled workers from overseas. The government lists a series of approved occupations which may apply for some class 457 visas upon successful application on higher recruitment agencies can then hire them out to end user employers.


The OHLA replaced the now antiquated standard business sponsorship process, which was used by companies to directly recruit overseas employees without the use of on higher businesses


Key features of an on hire labour agreement Australia

#1 the terms and conditions of an OHLA are non negotiable they follow an agreed upon template


#2. The purpose is to provide fair competition for recruitment designed fashion to ensure that all salaries in specific occupations fall within a specific framework and as a result dramatically reduced and eat for any negotiations


#4. One positive of OHLA for overseas workers is that it ensures that they get paid a fair market rate for their work.


#5. Anyone hired under an OHLA is deemed a full-time employee and must be contracted. This is likely to vary the contract under which you employ other overseas workers, New zealander and Australians.


#6. Failure to meet the specific conditions of an OHLA will deem you ineligible to recruit under the agreement.


#7. On her labor agreements Australia specifically excludes spells of visas students and working holiday visas.


#8. OHLA agreements must include the specifics of each salary period, including the amount that will be paid for leave.


#9. they put Protections in place for OLHA workers to prevent them being put on hold benched or forced to use their annual leave while they are awaiting a transfer to the next assignment


#10. To apply for an OHLA, it must list the person or persons you wish to recruit as one of the nominated occupations which is provided by the government.



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