December 11, 2020

Join The Seafood Sea-Change

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“Modern slavery doesn’t happen only in warzones. It exists in areas of both darkness and plain sight of people all over the world – even at sea … there are many, many stories … where unscrupulous fishermen use the isolation of the sea to hide their crimes … And the reasons aren’t hard to figure out. When criminals are able to turn a profit in an illegal fishing market, they’ll go after as many fish as possible. …the more labour they have on board, the larger their catches will be. The economic incentives are there, which is precisely why illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing practices have grown into a $20 billion a year industry.”  (Secretary of State John Kerry, Remarks at the 2016 Trafficking in Persons Report Ceremony, (accessed 12/12/17))

Migrant workers from Cambodia, Myanmar and other neighbouring countries flood into Thailand, hoping for employment and support for their families. 82% end up on one of the 42,000 boats which employ 175,000 fishermen. “Not in the Same Boat,” a recent report done jointly by Issara Institute and International Justice Mission Thailand showed (

  • 37.9% had been trafficked
  • a further 49.2 percent were likely to be trafficked
  • leaving only 12.9% who were not trafficked
  • 76.2% accrued debt (a precursor to bonded labour) prior to even beginning work

Overwork, crippling debts, physical and psychological abuse and restriction of freedom are common.

This Christmas join the movement fo a sea-change in the seafood industry. go to

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